Selective Activation

Adding Field Steering to the Electrode Configuration


Now I want to explore with you the effect of adding field steering to the electrode configuration. Starting with the same 3 mm fascicle, adding a cuff, saline layer next to cuff and connective tissue next to the perineurial layer. We have the stimulating electrode and we now add a steering electrode where a positive current is added to steer excitation away from the contact. The applied cathodic stimulus is made up of the a -0.940 V cathodic potential, applied relative to the model boundary and a -0.557V return from the steering anode. The boundary limit for 20 µm fibers is shown here. The 2Jth boundary for 10 µm fibers is shown here and all 20 µm fibers are activated at the 2Jth level. For reference, the same result without steering is shown here. Adding the steering anode enabled us to push back the excitation boundaries.

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