Module One:
Basic Aspects of Electrically Activating the Nervous System

This tool is a user’s manual for understanding the basic aspects of electrically activating the nervous system. There is a heavy emphasis on the non-linear properties of voltage gated sodium ion channels because that knowledge will be the gate way to innovating new devices, e.g. electroceuticals, and adding new features to existing devices, e.g. selective activation.
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Neuron Simulator App

The AP (action potential) simulator is a tool for studying the electrical behavior of an excitable membrane. Through computer simulations, the user can perform virtual experiments with nerve stimulation. Basic experiments involve injecting current pulses of any type.

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Module Two:
Electrochemistry of Stimulating Electrodes

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Knowledge is an important tool that engineers can use to solve problems and design solutions, especially for devices that employ electrical stimulation of neural tissues to address neural disabilities by controlled and targeted release of neural transmitters. Compiling and storing these tools (knowledge) will help advance the understanding of the specifics of Applied Neural Control.

We view this website as a Toolkit for engineers. As new tools become available, we intend to stock them as modules in this Toolkit. If you have a tool (body of knowledge) that could be stocked in this Toolkit, you are invited to submit a contribution.

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