Electrode Encapsulation

Peterson Intramuscular Electrode


Shown here is an intramuscular electrode developed by David Peterson for use in a diaphragm pacing device implanted in high-level spinal cord injured people. IM electrodes have been used at Case since the mid 1960’s. This iteration is the latest. It has been deployed in patient applications for over thirty years, and is particularly well suited for application where the electrode lead section traverses the skin for long periods of time, years.

This is a histological section was taken along the subcutaneous pathway for a Peterson electrode that had been in place for many months. The section is stained with Mason’s trichrome, which is taken up by collagen, green, and cytoplasm, pink. The electrode is constructed by winding a pair of Teflon coated stranded stainless steel wires with a center core of polypropylene suture material.